About Us

As a senior or caregiver preparing to adjust into the next phase of their
lives, many hard questions need to be answered:

  • “Where will I live?”
  • “How will I live on a fixed income?”
  • “What will my living arrangements be?”
  • “Who will care for me if I become ill?”
  • “What should I do with my belongings?”

The Alliance for Senior Services is prepared to answer those questions,
and offer skilled, professional services that will help your family to:

  • Choose the best living arrangements, independent or assisted living
  • Help to sell your loved one’s home at competitive real estate rates
  • Relocate your family member and his or her personal belongings to
    a new location
  • Select physical and medical items that will enhance your senior relative’s
    quality of life
  • Prepare your relative’s finances in anticipation of the future